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Dec 1, 2013 11:30pm EST
involved in a new york city train derailment. tonight we're a learning more about the four people killed as investigators try to find out what went wrong. >>> a crime scene outside an nfl stadium. one person dead after struggle in the parking lot. >>> and the d.c. man offers a thousand dollar reward for an arrest in this week's sex assault in upper northwest. why he's trying to bring closure to someone he's never met. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with the investigation into that deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. investigators have recovered the train's black box data recorder. it will help them learn what was going on at the moment of the crash. four people died. tonight police identified those victims. two were women, two were men. one of them was headed to new york city to work on the rockefeller center christmas tree. more than 60 people were also injured in the crash. nbc's jay gray talked to survivors on that train. >> tonight investigators say they located the black box in the wreckage in the metro-north commuter train which could provide key data from the ac
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
. the exhibit started in october. it will last through april. >>> no city in the u.s. has stronger ties to the late nelson mandela than the nation's capital. jackie benson joins us live from the howard university campus from a vigil just wrapped up. jack jackie? >> this campus is one of the first places that nelson mandela visited in washington. [ bells tolling ] >> reporter: a solemn candle light vigil on the grounds of howard university commemorated the words and actions of nelson mandela. >> difficulties break some men but make others. no ax is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying. >> reporter: the university is currently hosting an exhibit on the south african leader's heroic struggles. >> it chronicles the life of nelson mandela and equally important chronicles the life of south africa in the last century. >> people at howard understand the big impact he made, especially in terms of south africa and anti-apartheid mooumt and all that. >> elsewhere, d.c.'s delegate to congress recalled the historic protests at the south african embassy. >> washington did have
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
city church and setting the building ablaze. john sterner purchased gasoline before storming into st. paul's by the sea church last tuesday. he was killed and a reverend of the church also died from smoke inhalation. >>> breaking news out of arizona tonight. we're learning that three sky divers collided in midair tonight. this video just coming in to our newsroom. two were killed, a third person was injured. this happened in the town of eloy, 60 miles southeast of phoenix. police say the sky divers collided 200 to 300 feet off the ground. at that point, the chutes collapsed and the sky divers plummeted to earth. it's not clear what caused the collision. >>> turning now to politics and the d.c. mayor's race, one day after filing for re-election. mayor vincent gray is upset over questions he's getting. this appearance was meant to high lie d.c.'s egg economic development during his term in office. he says he's running on his record and refuses to answer questions into the federal probe that is still on going. tom sherwood was at that news conference and found out that gray didn't like
Dec 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
. outside the white house, erika gonzalez, news4. >>> d.c.'s fire chief was not hot seat today as the city council grilled him about the department's equipment issues. the chief testified the city has 100 ambulances, 89 are active, 11 are inactive, meaning they've been out of service for two months or more. when it comes to fire trucks many are uncertified, according to the chief. that means they can still be used but may not be safe to use. at times during the hearing chief ellerbee had to search for answers to the council member's questions. >> how can you come in today into this hearing and not know -- >> i didn't say i was did not know. >> that's not going to look good on tv. >> it may not look good on tv but that just may be the facts. >> chief ellerbee touted the 13 brand new ambulances that are in service right now but he was unable to tell the council members where those ambulances are in use. >>> you could be paying more for your electric bill if pepco gets its new rate hike. the utility is asking the maryland public service commission to increase the base rates. pepco claims that
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
2010 campaign. >> listen, our record speaks for itself. look at the fiscal stability in this city, the economic development, the way people are getting back to work. >> reporter: four high-level aides to the gray 2010 campaign pleaded guilty to felony charges. the mayor himself has not been charged with any wrongdoing. council member tommy wells is among six declared rivals. he released a written statement saying, quote, vince gray was elected under false pretenses and doesn't deserve a second chance, because he ran a corrupt campaign, end quote. candidate muriel bowser released a statement saying now that mayor gray is seeking re-election, he will have to answer many questions about his 2010 campaign. political activist, phil pinnal. >> i hope before the april 1st primary that that situation is resolved. >> reporter: mayor gray sent a letter to supporters today, asking them to sign his petitions. live at the wilson building, jackie bensen, news4. >>> tonight, a new push to solve a mystery that has spanned three decades. the center for missing and exploited children just released
Dec 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
will lie instate for three days. his funeral is next sunday. >>> in new york city, the empire state building is lit in the colors of the south african flag. the landmark building will be like this through tomorrow night to honor mandela's memory and legacy. here in washington, more tributes at the south african embassy. shomari stone is live where people held a candlelight vigil a few hours ago. >> reporter: good evening. despite this rain, the cold, the miserable weather, people have been coming here to the south african embassy in front of the nell san mandela statue dropping all these flowers that extend on this table right in front. a lot of folks tell me that they are honoring nelson mandela and i asked why, and many of them tell me because he proves that one man is capable of making a difference. ♪ >> reporter: mourners sing hymns. ♪ honors the life and legacy of nelson mandela at the south african iembassy. at the front entrance people sign condolence books that read friends and relatives, they say mandela is a friend who had compassion for humanity and made a sacrifice f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6